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Cycle Coaching Services

A coaching package from Steve includes the following:-

  • Quality personalised weekly training session plans for the bike - on the road, indoor trainer and track - depending on your goals and availability

  • Details of what sessions to do, with advice on fuelling and gears and then, critically when to REST and recover

  • Increased knowledge on how to train as a rider through your coach

  • Access to Steve to discuss issues or questions by phone, email or in face to face meetings

  • An appropriate strength and conditioning package as described on the S&C page

  • Lab testing is a part of the ongoing coaching process (see the section on the website here)

Know that everything is tailored to help you to achieve your goals:

  • Sessions will be tailored to make the best use of the time you have available, as well as accommodating your lifestyle and non-training commitments

  • You will develop confidence and trust in your coach, who is a source of encouragement and motivation

  • Every minute of training becomes focussed on improving you as an athlete - no more wasted hours.

  • ​Feedback is provided during all stages of training and racing.  And your input is actively sought after every session to ensure the process is two way

  • I appreciated that with all the time, effort and money you put into your sport, we need to grasp every opportunity to increase you chances of success

Great coaching is a unique blend of combining science and the art of knowing how to apply this to the benefit of the athlete.

Steve can offer a bespoke and unparalleled coaching experience with a truly athlete-centred approach.

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