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Who is Strength and Conditioning for?

Strength and conditioning is for any type of sportsperson but critically it must be designed specifically for that individual person.  A good strength and conditioning programme will not only improve sports performance, it will also mitigate the risk of injury and deliver long term health benefits.

Steve has a wealth of experience in coaching and participating in many sports, including triathlon, swimming, track & field athletics, road running, hockey, football, skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, martial arts, netball, racket sports and golf to name just a few.

Lift Your Sport To A New Level

What is a Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach?  

A strength and conditioning (S&C) coach plans, delivers and reviews the physical and physiological preparation of athletes aligned to specific sports performance outcomes.

To do this, strength and conditioning coaches have a deep understanding of the physical characteristics required to excel in each particular sporting discipline.  They understand what it takes for an athlete to be resilient to the demands of the intensity and volume within their particular training environment and this maximises the technical training opportunities in their respective sports.  Plans can then be specifically tailored to deliver the adaptations required, in-line with the individuals’ own sport and any biomechanical issues they may have.

Strength and conditioning is more than just lifting weights.  It encompasses the entire physical development of the athlete and provides the ingredients required to allow them to be the best physical version of themselves.

How does strength and conditioning impact performance?

Strength and conditioning coaches utilise a performance backwards approach to model performance, which impacts the training prescription based on the holistic needs of the athlete.

They support the problem solving of performance questions within the sport through genuine curiosity and a constant drive to support athletes. This is based on a deep understanding of the basics of movement and sport-specific requirements.

Information on the S&C Sessions

One-to-one strength and conditioning sessions will fast track your training to a whole new level.

Steve’s expertise can transform performance levels.  Many will claim they can Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Clean and Snatch but the critical quesiont is whether they are you doing it correctly with proper technique in order to prevent and stay injury-free?

More importantly, is the programme you are doing right for you?


And is it specific to your sport and obtaining the best transfer to your sport?

"Sticking to the basic fundamentals of strength and conditioning, combined with good coaching, is all you need to get results."

Steve’s process to developing and delivering the best S&C programme for you is as follows:

Session-1 Consultation

This is where Steve finds out all about you.  He does this by going through a series of “Dynamic Movement Screens” that will allow for the identification of any areas of inflexibility, muscular imbalances, inactivity and postural issues.  In addition, key biometrics including your baseline height, weight and body fat percentage are measured and recorded.

Based on all of this information, the most suitable program for your current physical condition and future goals will be designed.

Session-2 And Beyond

Prior to the second session Steve will have reviewed all the data collected from session one and prepared a program which will be specifically designed for you and will get you moving towards your goals, while looking after your long term health as well.

Steve’s S&C Qualifications

  • M.Sc. Degree in Strength & Conditioning

  • Strength & Conditioning Level-3 Coach

  • Associate Member of the UK Strength & Conditioning Association.

Steve has experience in developing S&C programmes for multi-sports, including triathlon, swimming, track & field athletics, road running, hockey, football, skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, martial arts, netball, squash, racket sports, to name just a few. 

Woman Rock Climbing
Climbing to the Top
Off Piste
Climbing Up the Hill
Rock Climber Powdering Hands
Athletic Woman With Kettlebells
Soccer Training
Karate Course
Field Hockey in Action
Snowboarder Walking Through Snow
Squash Player
Push Up
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