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Invitation to take part in a research study

& gain knowledge yourself.
Nutritional Behaviours and Fuelling Strategies of Cyclists
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The SURVEY is now CLOSED (with over 500-responses)


You can still obtain FREE nutritional information to assist performance improvements or if you wish to be kept informed on the results of this survey, click on this free content link.


The survey was part of my MSc Sports Nutrition research study to determine how cyclists fuel themselves before and during cycle training sessions. Also, if they undertake fasted cycling, but also high carbohydrate usage for training purposes.


To take part, you needed to be 18-years of age or over, an active cyclist, undertaken consistent training for at least one year, regularly carry out three training sessions per week and competed in one organised event of any distance.


If you have any further questions about the study, please contact:


Steve Cronshaw School of Sport & Exercise Nutrition, Ulster University, Tel: +44(0)774 6000 795. Email:


Chief investigator:

Dr Gerard McMahon PhD, Lecturer in Exercise & Health Physiology, Ulster University, Jordanstown, Campus, Newtownabbey, BT37 0QB. Email: Tel: +44(0)28 9036 6511


Many thanks,


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