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Nutritional Coaching 
MSc Sports Nutrition qualified

This can help athletes or non-athletes address any nutritional issues they may have.

Currently, Steve is coaching and achieving great success with people from all walks of life, including athletes focussed on improving their body composition and others with a desire to lose weight or simply to learn how to make healthy nutritional choices.

Do You Need A Nutrition Coach?

Using a nutrition coach can be a great way of making sure your eating is steering you towards your fitness or life goals rather than pulling you from them.

We are bombarded with apparently different and conflicting nutritional approaches and new weight loss methods heralded by the media almost every day. This information is confusing, contradictory and ultimately leaves the individual unsure of what to do for the best.

The truth is that nutrition needs to be personalised to be effective, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Nutrition isn't always straight forward, but it does not have to be complicated.  All you need is the knowledge, simple foods, and a plan to address your particular nutritional goals.

The web is full of generalised advice and off the peg meal plans, these will by necessity be unable to address the two most important components of any nutritional programme; 
1.    A truly individualised approach with 
2.    Ongoing accountability and support
Steve offers all of this as part of his nutritional coaching service.


Steve can help you achieve your nutritional goals and objectives by applying the knowledge he acquired during his study of Sports Nutrition as well as many years of working with athletes.  Using a scientifically-based method to nutrition he can address energy levels, improve body composition and obtain sports performance. 


Steve uses various tests on athletes and non-athletes, to evaluate what fuel the individual's body is using at different levels of physical activity, this reveals the individual's personalised physiology.  The results of these tests are beneficial in formulating a personalised nutritional strategy to obtain success, depending on the individual's goals and objectives.


The key to Steve’s success is his breadth of knowledge and experience, he can combine nutritional support, with sports coaching and lab testing, putting everything together for a truly synergistic approach that will achieve maximum results. All of this is evidence-backed from his MSc in Sports Nutrition and as a member of The Nutrition Society, UK.

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