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Nutrition, Performance and sports psychology in a Podcast.

Every athlete should make time to listen to this outstanding podcast on Nutrition, Performance and sports psychology.

I would suggest having a pen and paper to hand when you listen to it. Make some notes that resonate with you for you to action.

Its duration is 1hr:45mins long, so you may want to have two sessions listening to it.

"From Paper to Podium" Podcast sponsored by SIS.

Episode: or at

Episode: Managing Weight and Mindset with guest Geraint Thomas

One of the hosts of this podcast is James Morton, who is a professor of Sports Science. He's spent his working life at the cutting edge of elite sport with Team Sky during the British Tour wins and Liverpool FC.

In this bumper episode, Geraint Thomas, Professor Steve Peters and Dr Trent Stellingwerff chat to Charlie and James about weight management and how you can apply their expertise to achieve your goals.

First, you'll hear from Steve Peters, the author of the book 'The Chimp Paradox'. Steve gives us a good overview and reminder of the Chimp model. He explains how to take back control of your mind and, therefore, your body by using his mind management model. Furthermore, this is a success tool and used by high-profile athletes such as Geraint, Steven Gerrard and Victoria Pendleton.

Then Geraint Thomas explains how he fuelled for his Tour De France win in 2018 and discussed the physical and mental difficulties of managing weight as a competing athlete. Geraint does an excellent job in explaining weight loss is not the number one goal for track endurance riders; it is more about the power output

Lastly, renowned Sports Scientist Dr Trent Stellingwerff shares his insights and expertise on a common yet damaging weight loss side effect known as 'Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport'. It's a hot topic in sport science right now that you need to be aware of if you take your training seriously. Trent also talks about the periodisation of nutrition.

One of the main summary points of the whole episode is to keep it simple, and fuel for the work required.

Steve is available to help and guide you to understand more about these fundamental aspects of sports science and how they are relevant to your situation. Everyone is different, and no one approach suits everyone. For more information, see:-

For more reading on this subject, take a look at just two of the many research papers:-

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Burke, L.M., Hawley, J.A., Jeukendrup, A., Morton, J.P., Stellingwerff, T. and Maughan, R.J., 2018. Toward a common understanding of diet–exercise strategies to manipulate fuel availability for training and competition preparation in endurance sport. International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism, 28(5), pp.451-463.

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